Esmalte de Alta Rosa Bebê ET-112


High Stones and Porcelain Enamel
Coloring : Rosa Bebê
Product Code : ET-112
Temperature:  1205 ° C – 1278 ° C (Cone 5 – 10)

Can be used in Utility Parts

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Enamel for application in high temperature ceramic masses (1205 ° C – 1278 ° C)

High-temperature enamels are ceramic compounds that do not undergo a melting process and meet the application specifications for high-temperature ceramic masses such as stoneware and porcelain. The “raw glazes”, so called because they do not contain ceramic chips, have the power to adapt very well at temperatures of 1205 ° C to 1278 ° C forming a glass surface.

These enamels are composed of stabilized inorganic pigments, providing the result of faithful colors. Depending on the burning, oxidizing, neutral or reducing conditions, their color tones may change. 

They can be applied directly on the putty or on a base enamel.

The entire line of high temperature enamels can be used in utility parts.

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